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Chicago, IL: A recent study conducted by the Hypertension
Center at the University of Chicago identified a small spot (the "Atlas area") on the body that appears to control blood pressure. In minutes, a single touch lowers blood pressure back to healthy levels. Top number drops 14 points, bottom number drops 8 points. No drug on Earth can match this instant miracle. Who knew it was this simple? It's almost like a switch that allows doctors to dial down your blood pressure in minutes.

The amazing thing is that I work with this method every day in my office!

Learn more here! ↓↓↓
http://link.dhn.bottomlinesecrets.com/r/DD3LMB/XT1SK/U1WOI1/FSBLX/U1X8J/KI/t/?a1=010710&a2=2&a3=B&a4= This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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